Here's what others say about working with Bob Adams:

“In the years that I worked with Bob, he was consistently a great collaborator on editorial projects, an adept writer with highly intuitive interviewing skills and a conscientious manager of deadline management as well as his own high level of productivity. … In short, Bob was and is an amazing editor and manager with innate talent and honed skill, and I wouldn't hesitate if presented with any opportunity to work with him.” -- Michael E., Los Angeles

“As the Communications Manager (for the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center), Bob’s role included the cultivation of relationships with the press, the public, internal managers, board members and senior administration. He did this expertly and became a trusted and highly regarded colleague within and without the organization.Bob is an excellent writer; he’s intelligent, articulate, hardworking, detail oriented and strategic minded. Above all, Bob is a pleasure to work with. His humor and contagious laugh was a welcomed asset to a sometimes stressful work environment.” -- Andrew T., Los Angeles

“Bob and I worked on different publications within the same company. Fortunately for my magazine, Bob was lent to us as a contributing writer every now and then. We made use of his knowledge base in health, which was his full-time editorial beat during his years with us. But had I needed a sports story, Bob would have delivered something just as good. He's got the kind of mind any editorial enterprise needs: He's an information omnivore with that invaluable ability to come up with the right fact at the right moment.” -- Anne S., Los Angeles

“Bob is an excellent writer and line editor. I fact-checked and copy-edited his work for two magazines and two Web sites for several years, and I also copy-edited a book he wrote. He is a thorough researcher, an accurate reporter and a clear and concise writer with an engaging style and a comprehensive knowledge of style and usage. He also shows superior news judgment and has a friendly, collaborative attitude. I recommend him highly.” -- Trudy R., Los Angeles

“As editor of Publishing & Production Executive, I knew that whenever I assigned a story to Bob, it would come back well-written, requiring next to no editing. Bob impressed me especially with his firm grasp of AP style rules. During the course of five years, I also assigned Bob primary responsibility for executing many other P&PE projects. He completed them accurately and thoroughly despite often handling many of them simultaneously along with his writing responsibilities—in a high-pressure environment with constantly changing priorities. Bob also was easy to work with and always helpful and welcoming to new staff members and interns.” -- Rose B., Philadelphia